Residential Design

Additions, remodels, second units and new construction. From scope refinement to design and permit drawings.

How does it work:

The process starts with a meeting and project consultation to understand you and your project. Follows a presentation of the design options that will work with your needs, budget and timing constraints.  

Once a final design is reached and agreed upon, the feasibility is checked with city officials, contractor's estimates are requested and consultants are involved.

Required permit drawings are created and submitted.

Before and during construction, final details and materials are defined and picked, to make sure the final look and quality of the work match your vision.

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Project Advising

If you're not clear on your scope of work, how the process works or what could be achieved on your property, we can help you get started.

If you know you want to work on your house but you're not sure what to give priority to, how to approach a residential project, please consider contacting us for a consultation. We can answer questions, explain the process and assist you in finding the right path to achieve your goals.

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Professional Consulting

We enjoy offering our expertise to other professionals on an array of projects. Our experience consulting with architects and interior designers spans from single family residential projects to multi-family, commercial T.I., restaurants and more.

We can provide you with 3d modeling services, permit drawings, material picking.

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Donatella Mazzini was born and raised in Italy. After getting her masters degree in Architecture from the University of Florence and her architectural license she moved to the US where she worked at a Southern California firm for 5 years.

Finally landing in the East Bay Area in 2012, she's been consulting with architects and interior designers since. Having been working directly with clients on local remodels, she finally made her business official founding dmazzini.